Seoul Banghak Forest Village Competiton(3rd Prize)


Architect: 2m2 architects(Lee Junghee)
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Programme: public facility
Site area: 174.80㎡
Building area: 91.20㎡
Gross floor area: 266.80㎡
Structure: RC
The project is planned under the objective of “building a new local community facility to provide a common place for locals with an aim to cultivate a sense of community and vitalize the local community”. Named as Green Forest, the proposed building is a community hall for the people to breath with nature and socialize with each other. It’s a nest for an urban forest village which has smoothly flowing, free spaces and embraces nature and people.
The building arrangement plan efficiently uses the shape and orientation of site and makes harmony with neighboring buildings. While reflecting the requirements of given programs, the context and characteristics of the surroundings are analyzed to propose an optimized mass design. To have a maximum floor height without interfering the northward architectural slant line for daylight, a level difference is given between floors, and solar panels are installed on roof of south staircase.
The 1st floor is interconnected with an open outdoor deck on a roadside, an the 2nd and 3rd floors are linked with outdoor terraces defined by a double-skin facade. The rooftop floor is designed to have a flat roof which can be used as a courtyard.
To show a sense of consistency, not displacement, with neighboring brick buildings, clay brick and the corbel masonry system are selected as a main exterior cladding. For the double-skin facade, a green-toned aluminum louver system is installed to bring in sunlight efficiently. And as a finish for the 1st floor, the STO outside insulation system applied.