Dunchon 2-dong Community Service Center_Metamorphosis 01


Architect: 2m2 architects(Lee Junghee)
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Programme: public service area
Gross floor area: 167㎡
<Space in the space>  A low ceiling and ceiling finishing materials including asbestos, dim lighting, and the dark colored finishing material made the space more tight and congested. Also, there were wasted areas because of inefficient space use. By removing the existing finishing material of the ceiling, a higher ceiling was obtained and the tight space looked opend up by designing walls in bright wood with areas colored white. The ceiling was supposed to be designed as an aluminum vertical louver at first, but it was finished as an exposed ceiling because of construction site condition and cost. Well-organized small spaces replaced the wasted area. In light ofj the concept, “space in the space”, 100 years of healthy life counseling center, a welfare consultation room, and a rest area for workers created. They looked like one independent space. The current staff were asked to cooperate to create space for more people. Thanks to the dong chief’s mediation and cooperative residents, the project was accomplished.