Daebong-dong Commercial Project

Architect: 2m2 architects(Lee Junghee)
Location: Daegu, South Korea
Programme: commercial
Site area: 248.6㎡
Building area: 137.49㎡
Gross floor area: 209.87㎡
Structure: RC
Structural engineer: SDM
Mechanical engineeer: Hana Consulting Engineers
Electrical engineer: Hana Consulting Engineers
Photographed by Shin Kyungsub
















The site where the project was carried out is Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu City which is located on the side road of the old section of the city. In 2010, as the singer Kim Gwangseok’s streets were built around, it became a popular neighborhood where many young people visited on the weekends. A new cafe street is being formed as the cafes voluntarily enter around the Daebong-dong community service center. This trend resembles when, in the mid 2000’s, street atmosphere changed as cafes started entering in Hapjeong-dong and Sangsu-dong while business area in Hongdae expanded with cafes such as one that was turned into from old building and one that entered into the 1st floor of a new building.
The legal floor area ratio is 220%. They could build a building up to 550㎡ on a 4-story scale. However, They wanted a building with a floor area of about 200㎡, which is a little different from other building owners, and said that the owner whose purpose is not to pursue rental profit plan to run bakery and cafe directly. So, we designed a building that does not stand out too much compared to the neighboring buildings, but has its distinct features and can be combined with the neighborhood atmosphere with 1/3 of the legal maximum possible size.
Usually a franchise company would have a large floor area, but in a neighborhood that has its own distinct characteristics, we thought that was not the case. So we tried to divide a large floor space into several small spaces. For this purpose, we set the basic direction as a skip floor, and it is a two-story building, but it actually became a space of four floors up to the outside deck on the roof. On the same floor, exposed concrete wall was exposed in the middle and divided it into two parts again. The floor and ceiling finish produces contrasting effects. The floor of the first floor was constructed with a herringbone pattern and the concrete slab and beam are exposed for ceiling finish. We polished the concrete slab on the 2nd floor finishing to make the concrete feel its own texture, and the ceiling was finished with a wood loose louver to contrast it. In addition, by installing a skylight, natural light is allowed to enter the room during the daytime.
There are many unique cities in Korea, which are comparable with other famous cities in the world. There are also many historical towns. Over the last few decades, the cities have experienced rapid development and change. As a young architect, I think that there are many roles to bring vitality to each alley in the neighborhood. Rather than just designing a building to maximize lease revenue with the logic of capital simply in the understanding and support of the owner, I designed and supervised in hopes of making a place to be loved by many people who are visiting Daebong-dong.