The Sorrows of Young Architect

Directed by 2m2 architects
Written by Kim Nine
* Intention of production
The field of architecture still paved with the word ‘sublime’.
The story of a young architect who is active in this kind of environment of Korean architecture industry.
Rather honest and practical reality without being distorted.
* Synopsis
Nam Tae-hyun, a main character, is a young architect who runs an architectural office in Seoul after studying abroad.
He seems to be a successful young architect outwardly but in fact he has a trouble paying monthly salaries to his employees.
One day as his agony about running his office went deeper, he hears realistic advice from his friends,
* Official Selection
<Västerås Film Festival> Västerås, Sweden
<Indian Cine Film Festival> Mumbai, India
<Scandinavian International Film Festival> Helsinki, Finland
<Delhi Shorts International Film Festival> Delhi, India
<IChill Manila International Film Festival> Manila, Philippines
<Seoul International Architecture Film Festival> Seoul, South Korea
<Bali Film Awards> Bali. Indonesia
<Milan International Film Festival Awards> Milan, Italy

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